S t e p O U T i n T i m e


bodylotion co-dance – StepOUTinTime

2021. február 24-28. között 19 órától elérhető online előadások ITT

We are proud to present our brand new dance video which is the film adaptation of our Laban-awarded stage piece called  ‘S t e p i n T i m e’.
We teamed up with András Juhász video artist, went outdoor to step by step leave the city behind.
Put your  fejhall ON, watch and listen how the duo extends itself to a trio!
It was definitely an intense experience for us and we are very happy to share it with you in this form.

Dance, concept, choreography: Virág Arany & Julia Hadi
Film by András Juhász
Sound design by Endre Vazul Mándli
Duration: 25min

Production partner: Katlan Group
Supported by Ministry of Human Capacities (Hungary)

Special thanks to Enikō Kulcsár, Marica Kulcsár and Sarolta Arany for the snowsuits

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